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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Wow, it's beautiful! I have the Black version of this case (from last year, USB2.0)

It seems like they've addressed some of the concerns that I have with my case. Mainly, the size of the CPU cutout, the lack of USB3.0 (internal header, too ) and the lack of rubber grommets on the cable management holes.

However, because you don't mention it, I'm not sure they've addressed the major problem with this case: The dust filters. They're these flimsy little sheets that attach with little hooks to the case. Over time (removing the filters) they get damaged and less secure. Coolermaster really needs to take a page from Corsair when it comes to dust filters.

Anyways, it's a beautiful case, and I love the white/black theme. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I wish I had need for another case (unfortunately, I can't justify getting rid of my 690II Advanced just because it doesn't have USB3.0). One more thing, make an option with a side window. I have a side window on my case, but that's because I ordered the panel from CoolerMaster at a cost of $40+shipping.
Yes, I didn't mention that but unfortunately the dustfilters are still the same as on the older models. They are still the flimsy little sheets. But I haven't had the case for a while so I don't know if they would get damaged over time. But they are the same as on the older versions.

Yes, I forgot to mention that in the review. There's at the moment no option for a side window which would be nice.

It's a beautiful case though. I really looks classy with the white. Will be a case I'll keep for a while :).
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