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Originally Posted by trayton View Post
I need you to check me out too if you don't mind.

Frodo - Community - Diablo III

I thought I got some good gear over the weekend to boost myself as I was dying way to much. But I dunno I'm still not satisfied.

Any help is appreciated on what I should go for and get but ya I'll link you first to make it easier.

Add me folks! :) jaali#1197
1st, put the biggest emerald you can afford into that manticore.

2nd, get a socketed helm.. that way you can put in an amethyst for the % life bonus.

3rd, both your rings should have crit chance on it. and same for your amulet.

and lastly, those lacunis are nice for IAS, but lack a main stat and crit chance, going to a rare one will probably give you better DPS and more vit & A.R. I'd also pick up an Inna's Favor, they are relatively cheap, and that'll get you the set bonus for more dex.
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