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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
The latest addition to Google’s Nexus family has finally arrived in the form of a $399 10.1” tabled dubbed the Nexus 10.

In an effort to capitalize upon their wildly successful Nexus 7, Google has now introduced the so-called Nexus 10, a larger 10.1” tablet that has an envious feature set. Produced by Samsung and perfected by Google’s internal design teams, the hope is that this new Nexus model will provide a reasonable alternative to Apple’s refreshed iPad.

Read more here: Google Launches Nexus 10 Tablet; An iPad Competitor at Just $399 | Hardware Canucks

Thoughts? Personally, I think it looks hideous and if the Galaxy 10.1 is any indication, the build quality will be "plastic and more plastic".

Well, the screen is nothing like the 10.1 so no real comparison. Now that Samsung's non-comp with Apple has run out for the Retina display, I'm sure you will be seeing many of these non-Apple high-res tablets, and of course the same people who were calling people sheep for getting an Apple one six months ago will be oohing and ahhing over all the pixels

No LTE is a deal breaker for me... Just like SSDs and high-res screens, once you've gone LTE, you can't go back.
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