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Default Ext4 partition won't work on Linux?

Here's a weird one:

My win7 and Mint 13 OS installations are on an SSD and working perfectly. I partitioned my HDD to have an NTFS partition for windows, and an EXT4 partition for Linux. I think I made them all "primary" paritions, which maybe is the problem?

Anyway, the NTFS one is readable and writable from windows, but it doesn't show the EXT4 (which I figured.

The problem is that even though both the NTFS and the EXT4 partitions are readable from Linux Mint, I can't write to the EXT4 partition.

The only thing in that partition is a weird "lost and found" folder that I didn't put there.

Any ideas? Should I just reformat it as NTFS since mint seems okay with that? Or reformat in some other way?

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