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It seems to work itself out. I just tried re-installing windows and deleted any partitions that were created and selected the unallocated drive. This time there was no Windows cannot be installed to this disk warning near the bottom. Maybe I had the drive in the wrong priority order. I can't remember.

Right now when I start up the UEFI BIOS the order goes like this: Windows boot manager > SSD > Optical drive. I'm assuming it's normal to have the Windows boot manager in the priority list and why does it have the UEFI label on the corner? This is the first time I using a UEFI BIOS so it's new to me.

I just read that if Windows uses a GPT it creates 3 partitions. I guess it did that by default based on my drive priority? I don't know.
I remember now, I deleted two partitions when re-installing Windows. They were MSR (Reserved) and a Primary partitions.

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