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I just went a round with Windows 8, and boy, am I terribly disappointed. There's such a disparity between the Metro UI and the 'desktop' that it's not possible to mix usage of both, which is a shame. Notifications do not remain constantly on the desktop, for example, after the bubble disappears. Integration with Skype (among others, I'm guessing) is equally as bad.. Any WLM messages I receive I get in double, somehow, from Skype as well. Wtf? I also mostly despise the fullscreen apps. I'm too used to some sort of status bar for everything I suppose.

This UI needs some serious, serious work on the PC. I don't know how it is on Tablets and Phones, I'd imagine Metro is way more suited to that as was said before, but for PC.. I'll be waiting a while before I fully switch over I believe.

However, under the hood and even on the VM, 8 was fluid and snappy, quick to boot. I'm open to new UI's, but they have to make sense and work well. This to me is just confusing and doesn't feel thought out or polished.
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