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Originally Posted by Inik View Post
I did my first uber bosses yesterday! It was difficult! I just wish I had better luck..not even one drop that I could sell on the AH and no pieces for the hellfire ring also :(
Yeah, you do seem to have the worst luck!

Made another machine after I used two for those runs yesterday, so just need to get the act 2/3 keys to make a third then I'll have another crack at them. Got the spine and eye so just need that 3rd part.

Should be coming into a good chunk of cash soon as I found a dagger with 750 dps, ~110 str, ~110 vit, 3% LS, 63% crit dmg and a socket.
Put it on the AH for 5m starting bid & last I checked it was at 6m and counting after only an hour so we'll see where that ends up.

Would really like to grab Inna's pants/helm, but that lack of vit/AR is really going to suck (I can't afford 100m+ for vit/AR ones) - reflect dmg packs already pretty much insta-gib me.
Still, getting 300k-400k crits never gets old
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