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My System Specs


Not sure if it's been mentioned as I really haven't been following this thread too closely, but there is the "All Apps" view which is effectively the former start menu with larger icons and horizontal layout rather than vertical. Yes, it's different, but if you can't recall the app name, it works just as well to find it. Maybe even easier since you don't have to drill down into folders.

This is at 2560x1440 though so I see quite a large number of apps without scrolling.

I've been using it for around 2 months now and the things people are saying they don't like, I've grown used to. Perhaps it's just because I'm young though and can easily adapt to changing technology or perhaps people are making too big of a deal out of nothing. As with XP to Vista/7, you have to sit down and use the OS exclusively for at least 1 month before making any opinions on it IMO. I recall our good friend enaberif sticking to XP even after Windows 7 came out and the majority of us switched to it. Finally though, he saw the light and came over

Every other version of Windows is a "massive" change and people need to get used to that. The same can be said about jumping from Windows to Linux, you aren't going to learn to love it overnight. It'll take a couple weeks/months before you fully know the inner workings of the OS and can access everything you want to.
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