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Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I have never seen so much rampant fanboyism on forums as I have over Win 8. It's more sickening than Apple zealots.
My laptop is a Macbook Pro which runs Mac OS exclusively, and I use Linux on a daily basis for work, so thinking that Win8 is better than Win7 is hardly fanboyism.

Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
EDIT: is NO ONE interested in storage spaces at all???? I mean, I don't expect this feature to be mentioned in software/gaming forums. But I figure someone must have been interested in useing win8 for a file server or something rather.
I was interested in storage spaces, but it actually looks kind of useless compared to other software RAID solutions available. :(

Storage Spaces explained: a great feature, when it works | Ars Technica
Windows 8 Storage Spaces: Bugs and Design Flaws | Helge Klein | Home of SetACL

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
What you call fanboyism...I call AstroTurfing. MS has a lot of money to buy a lot of guerrilla marketing.
I don't make any money from MS, my day job is an iOS developer. :p
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