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Question Installing Windows on new SSD

I've been having some trouble installing windows on my new SSD. When Windows was installing and it was time to select the unallocated drive (I only have the SSD installed) There is a message near the bottom saying Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Why did this show up? I did make sure AHCI was selected in the BIOS. The only options I had in that window was Refresh, Load driver and New. I didn't select any of those and clicked Next. Windows started to install on the SSD.

After it rebooted I got this saying Windows failed to start. But I think I forget to change the drive priority.

Also what is the purpose of the UEFI labels in the corner of the Windows boot manager and my optical drive? Once I eject the DVD and reboot all is left is the Windows boot manager with UEFI label then my SSD followed by the optical drive. Is this the right order?

When I first started the PC all I seen was my SSD and optical drive without the UEFI labels. What caused these to show up?
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