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First, increasing your ram will not produce any noticeable improvement as your cpu and/or chipset is probably bottlenecking.

Second, strictly gaming wise, a 170$ pentium g850/H61 will run circles around your rig. If spending 130$ is ok with your budget, then save up a little more and upgrade your system according to your own needs.

Third, the ssd suggestion gets my vote. A good branded 80-90$ ssd is quite enough for windows and many games. I've yet to fill my 111 gb, and i upgraded from a vertex 2 50gb i constantly needed to empty. If you really don't want to upgrade, then at least you will feel the performance difference your money bought you.

Fourth, I repeat, buying ddr2 is wasting your money. You could buy a 16gb ddr3-1600 kit for the price of 4gb more of good ddr2...

Battlefield 3 is just out of your current sytem's grasp. Sorry man...

Just my two cents.
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