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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Chasingu View Post
Only downside, is that for people who use their computer while crunching, the GPU will lag the computer up, but that is not a problem for me, while the majority of my crunching is while I am away.
That downside becomes a non-issue if you tell the computer not to crunch while you're using it, which I think is default with BOINC (can't really be sure because it pulls settings from the cloud as well as your own config file).
If I use the mouse or keyboard, the crunching automatically stops and it restarts again after 30 seconds of me leaving the computer idle. Note however this may not work quite well if you game with a game pad (which is not considered an input device for "idle") or watch movies and whatnot.

Your Radeon 7850 destroys my new GTX 660 Ti in that project BTW
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