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Originally Posted by Chromey View Post
As long as its not as broken as Arma Crap. This day and age, Still being able to stick a hand of leg through a wall...So many reasons why i didnt jump on the Arma Mod.

Hope this is better.
Really?? Have you watched gameplay of this? The DayZ ALPHA MOD already is way better than this shit game. Plus this game has an ingame cash store that allows you to buy your equipment back after you die. It is based off of the War Inc engine, which is not great. Not only that but these scumbag devs told people this was in development for over a year after they were accused of just using DayZ's hype to sell this. There was no way this was in development that long, when they first announced it they showed some of their gameplay there were tons of assets taken from War Inc and looked like it was thrown together in a couple weeks.

As for hacking in DayZ that was an issue with the Arma engine itself. You are MEANT to be able to spawn anything into the game you want to create missions, etc. in regular Arma games. This will be addressed in the standalone release of DayZ since theyre using a custom tailored engine based off of the Take On Helicopters engine which is a variation of the ARMA2 engine.

If they manage to turn this in to a decent game I might consider buying it, but so far it seems like theyre just trying to cash in on someone else's success and don't care what kind of a game theyre putting out.

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