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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
How much data is on your current 500G? If it's under the size of the SSD you're going to buy then you can use seagate's disk wizard to clone from the HDD to the SDD and then format the HDD, transfer the non-OS files over to it from the SSD and then do the "upgrade"(?) on your OS.

Honestly??? Probably just as easy to do a clean install 7 + "upgrade" onto the SSD with the HDD unplugged and then deal with the data afterwards. Either way you're probably going to have to uninstall some programs / games and then do a custom install on them in order to get them on the data HDD.
Thats probably what I'll do, get the SSD, plug in into my computer, remove my seagate500gb, install windows 7 onto the SSD then upgrade.
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