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My System Specs

Default What Not to Select in Windows 8

FINALLY I found out my problem with my awful tile display problem.

If you run Dual Graphics through AMD's Catalyst do not select enable dual graphics for application that do not have an association

IF you do, the Windows 8 Tiles get royally messed up and the pull down menus are cluttered with gibberish.

One little click and I'm back in business.

I was able to reload all of my programs - what a way to spend a day - inserting disks.

BUT it is good to go now.

What do you recommend to benchmark my system. Windows 8's Windows Experience Index gives my graphics performance a 5.1 out of 9.9 - I expected more than that. But I really don't know what to expect.

I also have not yet learned how to manual set the parameters for my RAM in BIOS - I can get to the window which displays all the settings but everything seems to be locked on "AUTOMATIC" maybe somebody who is running with ASUS's new graphical BIOS program can point me in the right direction 0R I could try reading the manual
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