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yes Bojangles to everything, when you download the update, it download a file and then you can choose to create an ISO, a USB stick or upgrade. When you start the upgrade ( direct, from the ISO or USB) it give you the choice to delete partitions and reformat. As long as the Update find an OS compatible with the upgrade ( XP, Vista, 7 ) it will proceed. Some peoples have even upgrade their Consumers Windows 8 with it ( this is against the EULA ) , so yes it will clean install from Windows 8.

Don't get an OEM' I read the EULA , as many debate about it on eightforum , and you can transfer the update to another PC as long as you remove it from the old one, (like a full retail version ) it's simple Microsoft want peoples install 8 in their PC, they seems to be more about number of OS install than money.....
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