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Originally Posted by BlueByte View Post
Apple sells their OS upgrades for what around $40ish?
that's because Windows is a better OS.


this has nothing to do with fanboyism (I'm disregarding the fact is OS X is horrible). Windows simply offers more compatibility with software and hardware than ANY OS out there (especially OS X). you pay a little bit extra for more options; that's a pretty common theme among all industries.

Originally Posted by wirerogue View Post
i put it on my 3 year old laptop that i rarely use.

i know we all complain whenever something new comes out that forces to change but, why they are forcing non-tablet users to use the modern ui, i have no idea. it's utterly useless.

not bad once you get rid of the metro. seems like a refresh of windows 7.
the reason they're forcing desktop users to use metro is that....they're not. getting rid of metro is simple as clicking on the 'desktop tile'. the exception to this is the start menu; honestly, just close your eyes and type the name of the program you want (although I'm told alot of users don't know about the search bar in win7 start menu).

personally, the reason I want to upgrade is simply because of the cloud integration it features and the desktop improvements (they're small, but I'll still take them).

I would also [preliminarily] recommend win8 for new computer users (provided they're willing to invest in AIO touch-capable hardware) because 'touch' seems to be wayyyy less intimidating to new users than a 'keyboard and mouse.' I still haven't shown win8 to anyone computer illiterate yet, but based on how those same people are able to use iphones and androids with much less frustration, I think it should turn out right.

EDIT: is NO ONE interested in storage spaces at all???? I mean, I don't expect this feature to be mentioned in software/gaming forums. But I figure someone must have been interested in useing win8 for a file server or something rather.

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