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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
I seriously considered this card before I decided to go with the Asus Direct CUII non TOP version. I think in the end the overall build quality, superior parts, and reduced noise cinched the deal for me. I am rather gobsmacked by that extreme overclock you managed to achieve with this ... I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.
you will happy with those two choice, but for me I would choose MSI PE card, because base on my experience, it's perfectly cool, have solid performance, and have best customer service in my country...

you probably must see this one, before you choose ASUS :

Need help! Should I send back my Open Box Asus DCII GTX670, Picture of problem within

Asus Bios Update "Card does not match vBios version" Fix needed!

and you can still ask the other member on that forums, if you don't believe me.

if you care much about overclocking, I think on kepler it would depends of the chip itself, someone can get higher clock, (maybe insane clocks), and the others not

for example, on MSI PE card, SKYMTL can get 1388 Mhz, but mine only get 1320 - 1325 Mhz ( I dont know if I can get higher than that, because in that condition (1320 - 1325 Mhz), I only set my processor (core i5 3570K) into 4.4 ghz , if I push it again, at least 4.6 ghz, maybe I can get higher than that, (maybe 10 Mhz or more)...

It's up to you friend, I just give my opinion based on my experience, if you don't like it, you can simply ignore my post.
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