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I use Virgin Mobile. Being a subsidiary of Bell they usually have plans on par if not better than Bell. I think in total I pay $65/month and I have a Motorola RAZR V with unlimited Canada-Wide calling and what they call "pay-per-use data", which means I pay for as much as I use up to a max of 1GB ($25). The Wind Mobile "$40 unlimited" plan wouldn't benefit me at all because I live outside of the city and therefore would pay outrageous roaming fees and long distance charges out the rear end...

With the Virgin Mobile plan I get Voicemail 10, Caller ID, Unlimited Canada-Wide, and "pay-per-use" or Commitment-free Data. The base is $56/month and can go up to $81/month depending on my data usage. This was the best plan for me being in a rural town.
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