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My System Specs


For FPS games i don't recommend large screen,you react faster with 24".because you can check everything on the screen.I would recommend a 120hz only if you have more than 60 fps because you need more than 60 fps to enjoy it,and 120 hz screens are 300+$ so it's really expensive for something you would not need if you have like 50 fps.I also don't recommend 2560x1400 because it will totally kill the framerates and it's bad for FPS games, so i can recommend a good 1080p 60hz 24",if you enable vsync. if not,and if you prefer medium settings to get awesome FPS,get 120hz.


good cheap 60hz

Ecran informatique Benq GL2250 LED - GL2250 (3570240) (ok its 21" but it's really better for FPS)

good cheap 120hz

Ecran informatique Benq XL2410T LED - XL2410T (3570258) (hard to get cheaper 120hz)

better quality 60hz Ecran informatique Aoc E2343FI LED - E2343FI (3631826)

and you have better quality 24"1080p 60hz panels from 150 to 300 CAD,generally..what you can do is find a website that sells monitors,know if you want a 60hz or a 120 hz and then see the specs, like reponse time and see reviews..
careful, a 2ms GTG is different than a 2ms, 2ms GTG is generally around 5ms.

If you buy a 27", you will need to put it at a longer distance to be able to check all the panel as easy as if it were a 24" closer to you.
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