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My System Specs


Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
I would try the second stick of ram if you can get it for cheap and overclock the cpu and video card further. Otherwise look at a new system with SSD. 5870 might still be good enough in the new build.

edit: by ''thrashing the drive" do you mean it is constantly loading from the drive and slowing the game down? You could benefit from more ram in that case.
<---This. My CPU is fine with the game @ 3.2Ghz. The video card however is a little long in the tooth but plays it fine @1650 on high preset. My drives are 7400RPM ones. They are fast enough It's just that I seem to be running out of memory every so often and once the swapping starts it doesn't seem to end.

I can get 8 gigs for about $128.00. Which is half the cost of an SSD. I don't think it's a waste really. This computer is still a good way off from needing to be replaced.

Edit: Does anyone know if these Gskills would play nice with my OCZ ram? The voltage requirements seem to be on par. If that were the case my upgrade would only cost $64.00

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