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My System Specs


Oh Bother

I had copied all of the data I wanted to save off of my old 750 GB hard drive and decided I would format it because it still had my old Windows 7 files which I found I could not delete. I had this drive disconnected when I restarted this new A10 Rig and used my Window's 7 CD's to create a fresh start on my SSD. I had it up and running before I reconnected the 750 GB hard drive for the data.

I subsequently loaded Windows 8 onto the SSD and it was running fine.

So I figured it was safe to format the 750 Drive. WRONG

System would not reboot after that, eventually used my Win8 disk to "rescue" the system and in doing so it wiped all of my programs off of the drive. I've had to reload everything.

Oh Bother

And now when I look at the icons in Windows 8 they are slow to load. Something is amiss.

And I was doing so well.

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