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Originally Posted by Bungwirez View Post
when you try to install OS, only have that single SSD plugged in.
I've screwed up a couple install attempts buy having both SSD and storage drives attached.

as for the firmware, you could try putting your new OS on a reg HDD first,
then adding the SSD... running firmware and then do another OS install back to the SSD.
One problem...I think I need to have my old HDD plugged in because it has the XP OS on it, and I'm installing Win7 using an "update disk." I was told that I could still install win& to the SSD with the upgrade disk even if the old OS is on a different drive, but I imagine I'll have to have both plugged in...correct?

Any tips to keep from messing up the install with both drives plugged in? Or am I wrong in thinking both have to be plugged in?

Also, Die Antwoord, hell yeah!
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