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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
What day and age are you in? TOPS it will see 2-3% CPU usage, but more like 0.5% usage. Oh and so you don't just attack me for being "wrong" without providing your own proof, I set SC 2 to 128 sound channels on high and used a massive army on two sides in battle (used a pre-made custom map to keep it same between tests) and also tested playing a variety of audio files at the same time on my computer for a second test, and between my soundcard and the onboard audio and my CPU usage was within 1.5% for all tests, did that 3 times for each benchmark for each audio solution.
Im not goign to "attack you" as your so quick to accusate .... i was just pointing out that sufice your OWN tests .... there are various onboard & offboard sound chips that do use alot of cpu usage BUT in most instances a offboard solution will not rob you of resources & as well as others have point out other reasons WHY its ususaly a must.

Like to me im not shure if the latest catalyst drivers have made my fps go down in times or also a conbimantion of it + going to onboard sound. I can only conclude that some of it IS cause of having to use onboard sound.
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