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Default ok wat the hell

ok before i begin i would like to thank Skymtl for the adapter, yesterday i traded my 9800gx2 for a 8800 ultra and some ram and psu. sold the psu and 8800 ultra and got some rims for my car lol but

in the mail i received another 9800gx2 no adapter so i used the one skymtl sent me works perfect powers up and everything except all green lights and still no display .
system specs

E8400 stock
gigabyte p35ds3l
250 gig sata drive
dvd drive
2 gigs ocz 8500 ram
ocz gamexstrem 600 watt
and the 9800gx2

tried removin and reinstallin the caqrd from pcie slot, unpluged the montior out of wall for 20 mins, unplugged everything but card and monitor.

any other idias??
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