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Originally Posted by Lpfan4ever View Post
That would be because your 515's are 50ohm, whereas the PC350's are 150ohm.

But to me it's entirely up to the person to decide if it's worth it (unless the card requires a good amp, which something that can properly drive it is a necessity). So many people think that these "Beats" headphones are the best thing ever to exist and drop hundreds of dollars on them. Honestly, I think they sound like utter shit compared to my PC350's and my MEEelec A151/A161P.
I did mention earlier that a reason for buying a soundcard would be if you need an amp for your headphones.

I totally don't understand why people like the beats headphones either... at least they aren't over $300 anymore. It was stupid how expensive they were for more or less crappy headphones when they first came out.
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