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I can't leave the ASUS Blu-Ray drive face stock! Esp after defacing and distressing everything ...My video tutorial shares all of the steps in painting your Optical drive face, you can apply these same steps in painting any plastics..

Following the DIY steps in the link I shared above, I painted the drive face the Metallic Blue I applied to the exterior and interior of the case.

I applied 1/4" Auto Body Masking Tape, side by side, only cause it was only thin tape I had on hand... in diagonal pattern after the Metallic Blue Lacquer paint had cured for 1 hour...

I applied Matte Black Lacquer paint....

After 30 minutes, I removed the 1/4" masking tape..

Lacquer paint cures pretty fast... 30 minutes later I covered the Matte Black with same tape again.

Next, I applied combination very light coats of Gloss Orange and Metallic Gold paint

After 15 minutes, I used a wire brush to create scratches to simulate heavy usage of time...

Using Red / Maroon Scotchbrite Pad to smooth and mute down the scratches

Ready to re-install!
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