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My System Specs

Default Manually Setting RAM

My new ASUS MBoard F2A85-M PRO does not recognize my Kingston Hyper X RAM as 1600, setting it up as 1333 instead. I went into the SDRAM Section in the ASUS Bios program and I can see the various settings but a) am not sure what I would change - I have a print out of the spec sheet but the specs on the screen do not match the specs on the sheet which are very scant, And B) the program only lets me change two of about a dozen settings, the rest are set to 'auto' and when I click on those auto's nothing happens.

I also looked in the ASUS Ai program which runs in Windows - but did not find any place there to change the RAM settings.

I paid for 1600 Mhz, I'd like to get 1600 Mhz - more if I can.

I did just upgrade to Windows 8 Pro - my Windows 7 Home Premium did not support more than 16 GB Ram.
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