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I'm not sure if you're overestimating my requirements or not.

Currently, I have my laptop, tablet, and cellphone connected to my router. My little brother has the same setup. I also have a wireless printer connected; although its a printer and its not even usually on. All this is over wifi and theres currently no ethernet cables being used

Between the both of us, the 'peak usage scenarios' are when:

-we're both gaming
-he's gaming, I'm watching 720p youtube videos, and I'm doing facebook/RSS on my tablet
-we're both browsing AND watching 720p/1080p videos.

no torrenting from any computers ever. I generally get 1.5MBs speeds and thats good enough for me (I don't download media; streaming youtube is pretty much the most intensive thing I do to my internet connection).

we're currently on an actiontec router (for telus optic) and we've never had any issues where I would have to tell him to use less bandwidth or vice versa. It's just that when I move to a new place and need to get a router, I'd like to know what to get beforehand.

What I'm saying is that all routers focus on network transfer rates and I REALLY don't want to be paying for something I won't be using. eg 5 GHz seems wasteful to me it sounds like it offers LESS range, but more throughput (remember, I don't care about throughput above what is needed to sustain 1.5MB/s); I can get away with paying less for a router that doesn't offer dual band/simulataneous dual band support.

Basically, I think I should be looking for a router that has long-range and stability (no powercycling needed). Are there any other key performance/reliability points I need to keep in mind?

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