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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AJR View Post
One last question and I think I'm all set. If I go the route you suggested (simply installing windows, then linux, and using the installers to partition, will one or both of those installers give me the option to add a Swap partition? I'm guessing yes, since you suggested to go that way, but I thought I'd ask.
Install Windows on the SSD, and keep however much space for Linux free. When you install Linux, you can just tell the installer to do "auto" partitioning with the free space. Every Linux installer worth something (including Mint's with 90% confidence) will put a swap partition when you select the "auto" option.
Note I don't use auto partitioners when I install Linux because I find it makes the swap partition too big, especially on an SSD. The auto installer will probably make a partition bigger than your RAM, which in your case will be >8GB!

When I did a Linux + Windows dual-boot in exactly the configuration you talked about, I had this layout:

(Primary) 100MB Windows System Reserved
(Primary) ~78GB Windows C:\
(Primary) 768MB /boot
(Logical) remainder of SSD /

HDD (in LVM):
2GB swap
40GB /home

Note I out my swap and /home on the HDD because I didn't want to waste SSD space on a swap file that never got used (I don't do anything heavy enough to force Linux to overflow 8GB of RAM). Also when I was dual-booting I had a pile of lossless compression music that would've packed my SSD. Now I got bored of that music and archived it, so if I were installing Linux again it would all fit comfortably on the SSD
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