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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
As for the post above me, my ears don't hear much of a difference (with my Sennheisers HD515) between the onboard ALC889 chip and my Xonar Essence STX. Until I put on my HD650s, I would have said my sound-card was a waste of money.
That would be because your 515's are 50ohm, whereas the PC350's are 150ohm. I was without my Auzentech Forte for a couple weeks while it was being RMA'd, and there is a HUGE difference. Especially when the source cannot properly drive the headphones.

You can't put a $$ amount as to when it's worth buying a sound card. If your headphones require proper amplification, then you will probably benefit greatly from one that has the built in amp. However, some lower powered speakers/headphones can sound better with a sound card.

But to me it's entirely up to the person to decide if it's worth it (unless the card requires a good amp, which something that can properly drive it is a necessity). So many people think that these "Beats" headphones are the best thing ever to exist and drop hundreds of dollars on them. Honestly, I think they sound like utter shit compared to my PC350's and my MEEelec A151/A161P.
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