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My System Specs


It has begun. Wish me luck. And no I'm not doing the parallel loop. Going to mount the res at the top of the case as bubbles are more likely to go there. And to keep an eye on coolant levels and so on.

Update: Good news everyone! It did not catch fire and is not leaking. The loop is simpler and should be easier to drain should something untoward happen. It is a bit louder now that the chipset heatsink is back. Nothing a good set of headphones can't cure. Flow did not seem to improve much. There is an improvement. Mostly around the cpu block but aside from that not much has changed. So now it is setup as res > pump > 240mm rad > gpu > cpu > 360mm rad > res.

Here's a pic. Sorry if it's dark and blurry. Cell phone camera is a bit wonky after the new rom.

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