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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
People will often buy something more expensive out of exasperation and on a whim. Consider this:

John walks in to Best Buy, is not technically savvy and just wants something easy to use. Using a PC of some kind over the last 20 years, just started to get comfortable with his Windows XP machine that he just bought in 2003, and wonders why it is so slow since he only uses 4 smiley IE toolbars.

Walks up to all these new machines running Windows 8, and is now confused even more since it all looks different. Asks the salesperson "what about these Apple computers I see commercials about?" Sales associate takes him over to a Mac, and John is back to being more comfortable in the desktop environment. Sees the sticker price, walks back to the Win 8 machine, gets frustrated, and decides to get the Mac cause he is tired of thinking about this. Salesperson is happy that they made a sale for a more expensive machine too.

Obviously over-simplified, but the combination of effective advertising, frustration with Metro/familiarity with a desktop environment, and salespeople who might push towards an easy sale will drive folks towards Macs more often.
Imagine the same scenario in a futureshop, where the salespeople get a commission! They will push people towards macs to make the extra $$, and Win8 may help them make the Mac sale.
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