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All very helpful stuff, thanks! I think I'll probably partition the HDD as you suggested with both NTFS and ext4, with probably the majority of it going to NTFS since Linux can read it. The third partition I might skip, since I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.

One last question and I think I'm all set. If I go the route you suggested (simply installing windows, then linux, and using the installers to partition, will one or both of those installers give me the option to add a Swap partition? I'm guessing yes, since you suggested to go that way, but I thought I'd ask.

Oh, and I have 8GB of memory. That's actually part of the reason why i wanted to install Mint or Ubuntu, because I only have Win7 x32, and I know that won't even be able to access a full 4 GB.

Anywho, thanks again!
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