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DMA0991 - "The Case will most likely be the new Silverstone SG09, I like em small. Listed currently as Tj08 but SG09 isn't in the lists.", The SG09 is too small for a regular drive, it only has the slot, no 5.25" bay. It may be a bit ugly to some, but to me it doesn't look that bad, has an 180 intake on top, and is tiny, which is something that i want.

The 2.5" Hard drive is a good point snoosebum, the SG09 is a small case but it could fit a 3.5, I guess I was just thinking small.

Anyway I think I may have solved the cash issue anyway, I will probably just get Windows 7 for free, I have access to a Not for Profit License, so bam, but I will look into the 3.5" drive.

Keep em coming if anyone else sees anything.

Edit, oh Im checking out that Power supply also thanks.
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