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My System Specs


Don't worry about it, /var and your swap partition are just fine on the SSD. Moving the data you write most frequently to your slowest device makes no sense to me. You bought a SSD, don't be afraid to use it. It won't wear it out.

I'm a little nervous about using gparted to create Windows' own partition, but it's probably ok. The whole sector offset/alignment thing with DOS and old Windows taught me that Windows prefers to create it's own partitions, especially for booting. My own method for installation would be simply...
  • boot Windows installer, let it have about 80GB of the SSD and install Windows into that
  • you now have a working Windows machine
  • boot Linux installer, partition the remainder of the SSD for Linux and install into that
  • Linux installer writes a boot loader that will prompt you for which OS on boot
  • you now have a dual-boot machine
  • from within either Linux or Windows, partition and format the 500GB data drive
The 500G drive is your data drive. You can partition this out however you like. It's a good place to back up the SSD to.
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