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My System Specs


*UPDATE* - I went to a Wind Mobile store to have a chat with them, and I just found out that they won't let me buy a Galaxy S3 outright in cash and start a plan. I HAVE to use the WindTAB feature they have. That's retarded... I'm offering to pay full price for the phone and they wont let me. Not sure if I like that as I REALLY don't want to be tethered to a cell phone company for any reason.

Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
This might be of interest to you: Smart Plans | Plans | Shop |
It's certainly a better offer than I've seen in a long time, but adding US long distance (which I use a lot for work) and VM brings the $57 plan up to $96, and still only includes 1GB of data. With Wind, I'm at unlimited everything, with VM and CAN to US calling for $58 total.

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I'm looking for something for my girlfriend actually. It looks like European calling can be added.....but is that WITHIN the EU too or only in the phone's "local" zone. I'm wondering since this would be a great option for our trip to Italy next year.
Negative for sure. The calling bundles are Canadian local OUT to whichever area your calling. Roaming outside the country is never included. However they do offer preferred US roaming on the TMobile network for a fraction of the cost of most providers. Don't think that covers EU though...
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