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Default Partitioning 120GB SSD for Dual Boot?

Hi all. I'm planning to partition my 120GB SSD so I can dual boot Win7 and Mint. Some one already told me the following info, but I had some followup questions that I was hoping you could help me with. First, this is what he told me:

Most of the time it is as simple as partition, install windows, install linux and you are done. Just decide how much space you want for Linux and set that aside. boot up to a partition tool such as gparted, and partition 1 NTFS partition for windows (larger than 60GB should be good), 1 partition in EXT4 for Linux (I suggest between 20 and 40 GB unless you need more) and one swap partition at least the size of your RAM, but 1.5x the RAM is average.
It is a good Idea to set aside a DATA partition for things you need access to in both OSs.

Boot to windows and install to the NTFS partition. Make sure you install all your drivers and such and it is properly setup to your liking. Then use it to make your Linux install media. Then boot to your linux media and install from it to the EXT4 partition following the instructions in the setup manager for your Distro. Then update, and you have successfully dual booted your system. It is not a difficult thing to do.
I still have the following questions:

First (and this is something I asked about in a separate thread, but would like your input), I purchased a 120GB SSD for the OS, and I'm using my 500GB for data. Would you say 120GB is big enough to go ahead with the dual boot? If so, how would you partition the 120GB SSD (how much space for each OS, etc)?

He said, "It is a good Idea to set aside a DATA partition for things you need access to in both OSs." Was this only assuming one HDD? In other words, since I'll have the 500 HDD for data, would you still suggest a data partitian on the SSD, or now I can just use the HDD for that?

Oh, and in addition to the last questions I posted, what format should I create the "swap partition" in? And what is a swap partition anyway?

I'm sorry for so many questions, but I thank you for all of your help!
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