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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I'm looking for something for my girlfriend actually. It looks like European calling can be added.....but is that WITHIN the EU too or only in the phone's "local" zone. I'm wondering since this would be a great option for our trip to Italy next year.
For Italy, make sure your phone is unlocked (I used, works on Italian bands, and just get a SIM with a few GB of data when you get there. Prob get it right at the airport. Just hit up tripadvisor forums, to do some research and you could prob find the exact location of the kiosk.

I paid about $50 total for about a month of calling, texting, and data in SE Asia this summer using this method. This was 3 different SIM cards, 3 different countries too. The lowest amount of data I got was I believe $5 US for 1GB, texting and calling in Cambodia. The most expensive was Singapore, where I paid about $25 for unlimited text, I forget the voice minutes, and about 3GB of data. Prices will be different in Italy, but when I was there the last time I got a few 100mb of data, texting, and voice for I believe approx 20 euros. Did not use data much, as the phone I had was not great.

Agree with B1...I have never seen a plan that works well from a Canadian carrier.
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