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Apple marketing is too wise to get in this, they understand they customers and they make a product their customer like too. Steven Sinofsky simply fall on the head, he never recover of it, for him peoples will have to adapt to his idea and live with it, actually he is so out of the reality and in his own bubble that he even try to look like Steve Jobs , look at the pic attach this guy is completely disconnect from the reality

The major problem Windows 8, is that f you don't know what will open and where, this is very confusing. The Control panel is divide in 2, a part in the traditional one and the rest in the charm menu. You click on a tile on the start page, sometime it open a Metro Crap apps, other time it return to the desktop and open something there, many peoples will say " where the F... I am. " The majority of members here can work around without too much problem, but the typical user is not member here..... Desktop edition is the only way to get back in the reality, but the problem, they even included Metro Crap in their servers editions, all true I simply love Server 2012 essential

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