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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Before doing anything.....grab pictures (ie proof) of the setup. While most companies are reputable....some are not and will try and blame YOU for the damage. IE 'obviously he switched things around to try and get firewire and fried his parts'.

Honestly with a prebuilt....I would grab pictures then leave it as is...and return to the store and make THEM fix it. They built it, its their responsibility. The more you screw with it the more chances they will deny the problem is their doing.
Thanks for the advice! I don't ever remember feeling the need to take as many photos (just in case) with a new system as I have with this one.

I haven't changed anything around, as I'm still waiting for the replacement i/o module.

Absolutely no use for FireWire, here. I've never owned anything that uses it and likely never will.

I only noticed that the 1394 cable had been plugged into a USB connector because of two mysteries that were rattling around in my brain while trying to sort out how the i/o module was hooked up:
- where on earth had they tucked away the 1394 cable from the i/o module (I initially figured that it had to be somewhere in the mess of cables beneath the hard drives...)
- what the heck had they plugged into that USB 2.0 connector (there shouldn't be anything plugged in there... the front panel usb ports are connected to a USB 3.0 connector and there isn't anything else......)

It took awhile but then it clicked - I remembered the "Never connect a 1394 cable to the USB connectors. Doing so will damage the motherboard!" warning from the motherboard's manual (information that I first came across while searching for information about the USB/eSATA module that I found in the motherboard's box), which suggested that it possible to do just that by mistake.

And so there was disbelief that the builder had done that...

And some swearing...
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