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Originally Posted by Sassafras View Post
Thanks for your reply!

I didn't name the company in an attempt to avoid going off on a rant and getting sidetracked. This particular purchase has been one long headache...... I may post (somewhere) a more complete account of my experience, at some point in the future, but right now I'm just trying to resolve the current (latest) problem.

At any rate, I'm waiting on a reply from their Technical Support regarding this. I was just hoping for input from knowledgeable folks here to compare/contrast with whatever Technical Support's response is.
There is always 3 sides to the story no matter what. We can't side with anyone or give anyone a real good answer on what to do.

We can tell you what to do to cover your ass tho and like it was said.. providing pictures isn't really proof because you can have done something before taking them.
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