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My System Specs


I have the system in my system specs menu folding 24/7 (although I decreased the overclock to 4.4), plus there's a bunch of computers in my dad's office at work folding for me, but he hasn't been at work for ~10 months so they're all down at the moment.
I believe this is my full setup:
My rig:
I7 2600k at 4.4, smp 8

Rig 2:
e8400 running smp (my dad's computer at his house)

Rig 3:
e8400 running smp
2 x 8800gt

Rig 4:
e8400 running smp
2 x 9800gt

Rig 5:
q6600 running smp
2 x gts250 (I believe)

And finally Rig 6:
Phenom 2 965 running smp (could be a 945, don't quite remeber)
2 x 9800gx2 (got these plus one more online for the cost of shipping due to thermals ... baked in the oven plus some shin-etsu x23 and they're cooler than stock! Eventually I'll get my second computer at home back up and running containing the 3rd 9800gx2.)

When everything is chugging along swimmingly, I'll average around 80 - 90k ppd.
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