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Default Likelihood of motherboard damage?

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a new computer from a certain popular Canadian computer store. I selected the parts and then they assembled and tested the system.

After running the computer for an hour or so, I encountered a problem with the case's front panel i/o module (crackling noise followed by a strong burning odour after I pressed the fan LED toggle button for the first time). The assumption was made that the i/o module of my case, a Corsair Carbide 400R, was defective. Front panel i/o module problems don't seem to be extremely uncommon for 400Rs (and its close relatives) if you go by postings in the Corsair forums. Not so great a thing to encounter, but a replacement i/o module should set things right...

While waiting for the replacement part from Corsair, I had a look inside the case to see how the i/o module had been hooked up to the motherboard...... and I noticed a number of mistakes made by the person who built the system. All of these seem relatively minor and simple to deal with, except this: the FireWire (1394) cable from the i/o module was connected to one of the USB connectors on the motherboard (an ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, which has no FireWire header...).

For the relatively brief time that I had the computer powered up, I didn't touch the FireWire port on the front panel at all (as far as I knew, it wasn't hooked up to anything inside the case). Apparently the computer was run for a few hours while it was being tested by the builder...... although (based on the other issues I found) I'm not sure that they actually touched anything on the front panel other than the power button, despite what the check list I got from them says.

How likely does it seem that there would be damage to the motherboard as a result of this? Would the 1394 cable alone be enough to cause damage or would damage only occur if something had been plugged into the FireWire port?
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