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My System Specs


running 3 machines, 2 are in my sys specs. 1 is my wifes...hehehehe
2 i7's===> 2700k and 3820 OC'd to 4.45 and 4.35
1 i5 650 no OC.
gpus 5 at the moment waiting on 2nd IPR 560 ti 448 core to come in
all gpus stock settings for warranty and IPR
1 gtx 580
1 gtx 570
1 gtx 560 ti 448 core
1 gtx 560 ti sc
1 gts 450

I have a gtx 670 that was an IPR replacement for a 580 that burnt up.
Not sure if it will fold yet as the info is conflicting. I hear it will fold with the V7 beta, but kinda hate to gamble and mess things up. Hoping tomorrow the IPR 560 comes in to replace the regular 560.

I am looking for a 3930 to replace or trade off the 3820 any leeds on that PM me please.

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