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My System Specs


Originally Posted by fortkentdad View Post
Downloaded the lastest AMD Catalyst from AMD website and its working - got the dual graphics to work. Will need to wait until I get some of the new games to see how well it works.

How do I determine how fast my computer is working? I've never overclocked before but have played around in the BIOS settings to set it to "extreme" preset in the ASUS Bios.

I did see that my RAM was showing up as 1333 - manually set it to 1600. I did notice one screen in ASUS's AI system settings where it says "MaxBandwidth 667 MHZ" shouldn't that be 1600? It also shows the Frequency of each DIMM - and it ranges from 457 to 685 Mhz.
667 mhz = 1333 effective clock (DDR stands for double data rate Wiki if you are interested Double data rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

If the max is set to 667mhz it might have downclocked your RAM back down to 1333 you should check. I have never OC'd on an Asus board so I don't know what you are really looking at. I am sure others can help you much more than I can I am still new to messing with my BIOS settings.
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