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Default HD 7970 High Temperature and Voltage Idle (problem and how to fix)

Hi everyone. I recently had problems with my XFX Core Ed. HD 7970 when I attempted to flash a GHz BIOS on the card. When I flashed the card using the .EXE file that you can download on a couple different sites, the card wouldn't display video. Thankfully my card had a dual-bios switch so I was very easily able to flick it over and boot into Windows like normal.

But, after that close call I started having voltage problems. I guess the second BIOS didn't like lowering the voltage at idle which caused it to run in the mid-50's lower 60's temperature range.

I did some looking around on Google for a good hour looking for a cure, most people were saying that it was impossible to revert the changes done to the BIOS and therefore people like me were stuck with a high idling HD 7970.

So I found a solution for people with the same problem I had. Here it is in three simple steps:

1. Take a look at this very informative guide to using ATiFlash

2. Download the stock BIOS file for your card (or another one if you so desire)

3. Place the dual-bios switch (if your card has one) to the position of the defective BIOS, place the BIOS file and ATiFlash .EXE file on your thumb drive, boot into that thumb drive and simply type:
atiflash -f -p 0 'bios filename'
And there you go!

Hopefully this helps someone.

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