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My System Specs


SSDs bring the best performance ratio, when added to a system over ANY other component. And no, they do not die faster. Been using them for a few years now (quite a few of them), and I have lost only one ever since (a Gskill).
The SR2 is an over-priced piece of crap, when compared to today's Intel offering - especially for what you intend to do with it. What's my experience with the SR2 you ask? I've had 4 of them. They will die much faster than any other gamer board.

Look at the title under my forum username. Tells all.

Have fun building a rig for bragging rights YOU will have to believe in, when all other will basically laugh all the way to the bank. I mean, come on: dual E5620s? At least go for X5680s...

ps. I won't even discuss your computer brands...
Do you video edit? Even occasionally I have read that they can damage SSDs quite easily.

Uh huh, its overpriced crap? Then why did you buy it the second, third, fourth time? Right. That's totally logical. Either you're fibbing... or...

I can always make more money and if I do want to upgrade the processors I can, so instead of not helping me bashing my planned rig why don't you just answer my questions?

They dont even need a full sentence to describe these brands, you could go "Thermaltake, Crap" and I Would consider it weighted with other reviews.

In your first post, you mentioned how you are new to putting computers together, which to me demonstrates an overall lack of knowledge when it comes to spec'ing out parts.

No, not new. I don't find it to be incredibly hard to put together a computer, everything seems to be pretty A to A and B to B. What I am unsure about are brands and such. I have listed the brands I have good experiences with based upon my other configuring of succesful computers from and

I am not a know it all like some, but I learn more each time and this time will be even better because ill actually be doing everything myself and have the pride that I did that...

Meanwhile, this forum has a plethora of experienced system builders who have been building high end systems for years. And yet you choose to ignore the advice that each and every one of them give you. Next, you'll probably try to discredit Charlie 3.0 by telling him that, no, SR-2's are actually the most reliable motherboards ever made, and will always perform better than an X-79 ASUS board.
Would you blame you're tire salesman for a flat tire?

Same case here. If it doesn't work out, that is my business. I have asked nothing about wether my setup is good in everyones opinion because frankly I don't care. Just like cars, each will have a different experience and views will be warped based on that. Arguing about computer parts is like politics -_-

Instead of trying to spread your views mercilessly against the heathen, why not simply answer what he is asking? Its as if you're trying to start an argument.

Do yourself a favour, arm yourself with up to date tech, and build your computer on an X79 platform with an SSD boot drive. You will never, ever look back.
Not interested. Then, after I become used to that SSD, every computer I will ever have in the future will have to match that.


EDIT: I also disagree with your position on AMD (ATI doesn't exist anymore, it's all AMD now). They're an underdog company when it comes to processors, and on the other side, they make fantastic video cards.
You probably have had different experiences to what I have had.

For example, my ATI Radeon 5770 in the i7 960 machine had graphics lag on a game from 2003.

Not the games fault. Every Radeon card that tried to play the game, still had graphics lag.

Flawless graphics on a nVidia card. I know most are only worried about how much ultraness they can get from their BF3 settings but unlike most I play games for gameplay and not entirely for graphics, so they permanently lost me as a customer. As for their processors, lot of cheap junk because their processor speeds are calculated as the sum of their cores. With intel processors, each core is the same speed which the processor is rated at.


Thermaltake - make good coolers, bad PSUs
Cooler Master - make nice cases, previously bad PSUs, not sure about current offerings.
Kingston - Long time builder of RAM products. Can't really go wrong from my experience.
Noctua - make nice fans, coolers are well made.
Thermalright - overall good products, I've been happy with my purchases.
Zalman - good products typically focused on being quiet.
Lian Li - very nice cases, one of the best mfg for cases
Enermax - I haven't used these guys in years, but I believe they have good PSUs still.
XFX - No complaints. Products seem of high quality. PSUs are typically Seasonic.
Seasonic - In my opinion the overall best PSU mfg out there.
Antec - all good products now I believe. Earlier PSUs made people hate them but now the PSUs are very good
Nec - More of a professional brand it seems, nice products, internal inspection shows good quality parts for their monitors, etc.
Thank you very much, useful post. All of your considerations match the reviews ive found, for example, that Thermaltake makes good cases and coolers but their PSUs are of questionable quality. Useful posts like these are good for discovering companies like Seasonic, which I have never heard of prior to a few days ago, and buying from these manufacturers encourages them to continue doing good.