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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Culbrelai View Post
Bond, well, for one thing, the SR-2 only supports triple channel memory.

Doesn't support 1600mhz ram either, nor does the CPU I do believe. Not to mention RAM speeds fail to change anything in benchmarks.

I didn't come here for suggestions... I came for answers -_-
Originally Posted by Culbrelai View Post
SSDs are overpriced per gigabyte, plus I would have to separate my OS and storage and I want everything to be in one place.

SSD doesn't affect game performance anyways, only loading.

Plus, they die faster when you video edit with them, etc.
Originally Posted by Culbrelai View Post
Peer pressure is bad, you know =P

I want this rig to last as long as possible. Gaming components tend to fail earlier than professional components. Xeons are built to last.

Lots of ways aren't the best to go when it comes with computers. For example, on that loadout you have, OCZ SSDs have been known to fail the most of all. (High failure rate of OCZ SSDs yields answers that raise troubling questions | Windows Secrets Lounge) Not to mention RAM, as I've said, over 1600mhz is a ploy for rich script kiddies with their parents credit card numbers to spend more for tiny gains in performance.

Just the way you can pick apart my configuration, I can pick apart yours. I will have 16 cores, you will only have 12. Both of mine (if everything turns out okay) will be running at 3.5GHZ. 16 cores at 3.5GHZ vs 12 at 4.5.

Its a matter of preference.
SSDs bring the best performance ratio, when added to a system over ANY other component. And no, they do not die faster. Been using them for a few years now (quite a few of them), and I have lost only one ever since (a Gskill).
The SR2 is an over-priced piece of crap, when compared to today's Intel offering - especially for what you intend to do with it. What's my experience with the SR2 you ask? I've had 4 of them. They will die much faster than any other gamer board.

Look at the title under my forum username. Tells all.

Have fun building a rig for bragging rights YOU will have to believe in, when all other will basically laugh all the way to the bank. I mean, come on: dual E5620s? At least go for X5680s...

ps. I won't even discuss your computer brands...
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