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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Culbrelai View Post
I want this rig to last as long as possible. Gaming components tend to fail earlier than professional components. Xeons are built to last.
Xeons are not anything different at all. In fact, in some cases they are the same processor, like the
Xeon X3220 or Q6600. A Xeon won't outlast anything. In fact, the only things that are going to make a difference to longevity is how little voltage you run through it and what temperature you run it at. That being said, I've never seen a processor die, overclocked or otherwise. Mine are always overclocked and they run without fail until I get rid of them. I change them out because they are too slow for what I want and not because they die.

Originally Posted by Culbrelai View Post
Just the way you can pick apart my configuration, I can pick apart yours. I will have 16 cores, you will only have 12. Both of mine (if everything turns out okay) will be running at 3.5GHZ. 16 cores at 3.5GHZ vs 12 at 4.5.
As most programs are not multi threaded and / or do not scale well above 4 threads I'm still betting your 16 core setup will feel slower than the 12 core I suggested, simply because of the 1.0ghz+ overclock.... not to mention you're going with old hardware which is slower at the same ghz.

I've also seen too many people have problems with SR2 setups vs the alternate.